Destiny Receives Backlash for Public Assistance Comment

This season on Love and Marriage Huntsville, Destiny shared that she received public assistance to take care of herself and her one-year-old son following her divorce.  Members of the cast and viewers alike were stunned by the news she had fallen on hard times. Destiny’s introduction to the show in season two was that of a successful real estate investor and entrepreneur who had just purchased a 4,000 square-foot plaza that would become a mix of retail and office space.  The show also aired a soft opening of her beauty supply store, Madonni, while making plans to undergo renovations that included a full-service hair and makeup salon.   Destiny’s fiance’ at the time, La’Barrick Williams, was also introduced as a popular chef and restaurateur in Huntsville.  The show took a break from filming in 2020 due to the covid pandemic.  When it returned for season three in 2021, Destiny said she was thirty days divorced and a new mother.  Viewers wanted to know what caused the end of her marriage, but she chose not to share any details. Her ex-husband fueled curiosity after posting to his IG:  “After much thought and prayer, I made the decision to file for divorce from my ex-wife.  I personally ask for privacy as we live our separate lives and navigate through this journey called life.  I look forward to respectfully co-parenting and being the best father to our awesome and loving son.  Blessings to all, and thank you.”   Destiny appeared extremely sensitive to questions and comments made by the cast about her ex or their relationship, but she did say that she and her ex-husband were friendly enough for him to visit their son while she did laundry. The show continued to portray Destiny as a strong business woman.  She even hosted an event for other local business women where she gave away cash prizes and trips.

While filming season four, a local news station in Huntsville did an expose on Destiny and her plans to have a grand opening for her plaza in 2022.  Following its release, rumors began to spread online that the beauty store had been closed for months and assumed no longer in operation.  In an effort to quiet the rumors, Destiny did and IG live from the store and said Madonni was open and if anyone needed a job to let her know.  Although a lot of people were happy to see the store was still in business, there were several Google reviews that said the store kept inconsistent hours and lacked inventory.  

In the latest episode, Destiny visited Maurice for credit repair counsel and confided that her credit score took a dive following her divorce and she also admitted that the store was closed because she couldn’t make payroll for her employees.  She then shared with him that she had to receive public assistance in order to pay the bills.  Maurice appeared shocked and asked if she meant the PPP Loan, but she responded with “no public assistance.”  Destiny did not specify what type of public assistance, but internet investigators did find proof that Madonni Group, LLC was approved for a $20,832 loan on March 15, 2021.  This left a lot of people guessing at what Destiny actually meant.  

Things seem to go from bad to worse on Easter Sunday, when Melody shared more details on her IG Live about the demise of her friendship with Destiny. New alliances are being shown in Season 4 and Destiny and Tisha are becoming BFF’s.  Although viewers could see that Melody and Destiny had some communications issues to work through last season, most did not see Tisha replacing Melody.  

Melody said that she felt betrayed by Destiny and felt she failed to support her when she aligned herself with several cast members she didn’t trust.  She also said she was a great support to Destiny and that she had the “PayPal receipts to prove it.”  This gave way to even more rumors about Destiny’s financial situation.  Destiny attempted to defend herself by saying that Melody abruptly stopped talking to her and that she didn’t know why.  She posted text messages showing that she and Mel continued to text message through October, following an incident where Melody overheard her and Tisha talking about her.  Destiny then called Mel a “master manipulator ” for saying she had forgiven her, but then pulling her friendship away.  

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