“Get Out” of Hollywood

Do you remember Daniel Kaluuya?  Of course you do.  He played in Jordan Peele’s Get Out which was a blockbuster film that ushered in a new era of horror movies through the lens of systemic racism. He also played in Judas and the Black Messiah which won him his first Oscar for best supporting actor in 2021.  Well, a lot of people are wondering what the hell is going on with him because he just fired his entire creative team.   When I say the entire team, I mean everybody got the ax including his manager,  PR firm, his stylists, and creative art agencies. All of these people were considered the elite of Hollywood.  They are creme de la creme and they are highly sought after for representation in the film and entertainment industry.  I almost forgot to mention that he was in Queen and Slim and Black Panther both of which had moviegoers begging for sequels.  That’s a rarity these days. Most people barely want to see the first one.  This team was responsible for getting him those roles and making him one of the hottest entertainers in the world.  Did I mention that he’s British?  He learned a Chicago accent (which is a fast mix of a diluted Southern accent with a city twang) to play Fred Hampton, a polarizing social activist fighting a 1960’s FBI in the United States of America. And he nailed it!

So what did they do for this to happen?  Not sure, but for people close to Daniel, they are concerned that it may have something to do with a life strategist or spiritual coach he’s following who calls herself Heir Holiness. She was formerly known as Heir Princess on a now-deleted LinkedIn page, but there she described herself as Kaluuya’s personal manager, as well as the headmistress for the international alma mater Blessed University.  It’s alleged that Heir Holiness is 50 years old, originally from California and that her birth name is Vanylla Salimah Mahmoud.  In an interview with the Post, she said she created the pseudonym from a slave name.  

Now at first Heir Holiness denied working with Daniel,  telling the Post that she had only met him a couple of times, but multiple sources are saying that she is running his life and that people are afraid of her.  On one of his latest projects, another Peele film called Nope, people on the set said Heir Holiness was by his side the entire time and created a lot of stress and tension with staff on the set.  Anyone who had questions for Daniel had to go through her first.

Daniel’s old team did confirm that they no longer manage Daniel but gave no other comments.  Insiders fear this could be the end of Daniel’s career and that he could be on the other side of the A-List fence.  We all saw Will Smith get dropped like a hot potato following his Oscar night fiasco.  Prior to that he was Hollywood’s favorite.  Oh, and it took 13 years for comedian and actress Monique to get off the “blacklist” following her Oscar win.  

Daniel did post on his IG that he is working on a new movie called The Kitchen that he actually co-wrote.  Maybe this will have a happy ending.

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