The Return of SWV & Xscape

If you’re a fan of SWV then you most likely are a fan of Xscape too. These ladies’ voices ruled the radio back in the 90’s and 2000’s and their sound still reigns supreme today. Now fans will get to hear all of their greatest hits on their weekly reality tv show called Queens of R&B. The show follows the two groups as they tour together and reunite with their fans. It will also deep dive into the tensions among the bandmates and even family.

Both groups have had their fair share of public fights, fall-outs and breakups over the years and it’s safe to say that nothing has changed. That drama will continue to play out on the show as well. The ladies of Xscape only made three albums due to the LaTocha leaving the group for a solo venture because they had beef with Kandi. This time around LaTocha and her sister are at odds and it’s very personal. LaTocha who is a strong singer with a voice that fans adore, feels unappreciated by the group and her sister in particular. She’s has been offered a solo album and would prefer to put her focus there than tour. Her sister Tamika is excited for the opportunity to perform live again but unfortunately her family dynamics is a black cloud over the group. She feels no one has her back , especially her mother. Tamika said her older sister is her mother’s favorite. She also accused LaTocha and her brother-in-law of stealing over $30K in royalties without her knowledge.

SWV said they were finally able to find balance in their group when they decided to stop forcing a friendship. They said now that they are in their fifties they’re able to put aside the petty fighting and work together. KoKo said they do not talk outside of performing. That may be the key to the groups success over the last few years. longevity.

Kandi Burruss from Xscape will give us more insight into her family life with Todd Tucker. There’s a scene where Kandi said she let her husband lead the family and home. This may be more interesting than what we’ve already seen on RHOA. This show is under the Bravo umbrella. Queens of R&B will make Kandi’s 8 reality show.

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