RHOP’s Robyn Dixon Demoted to Friend of the Show

Robyn Dixon had an uneventful 7th season on Real Housewives of Potomac. Outside of a weird back-and-forth with Karen Huger and Wendy Offeso it was smooth sailing. Her season finale storyline was that she remarried her ex-husband Juan for the second time, but it didn’t take place on the show with her cast mates. She told her parents they weren’t invited either, but she changed her mind the day of the nuptials. The wedding took place after the season wrapped on a harbor located in Maryland. The Dixons emailed a few Iphone photos of their big day to one of the producers who inserted them along with a video of Robyn walking down a pier and randomly telling ‘the haters to kiss her ass’ into the last 2 minutes of footage.

The photos were also given to People Magazine which is where Juan’s alleged mistress saw them and was moved to blow the roof off of the Dixons farce of a marriage. According Tik Toker Gergio Says, the Canadian was tired of all of the lies. She claim to have been in communication with Juan for well over a year, first contacting him in 2019 through social media. They exchanged numbers and began communicating by phone, which led to her traveling to see him in Maryland during a pandemic. She provided Gergio with screen shots of their text messages & dm’s. She also provided him with a hotel receipt with Juan’s name on it and his cell phone number. The Tik Toker claimed to have called and confirmed the phone number belonged to Juan. When asked if there was an intimate relationship between the two, she declined to answer because she did not want to hurt Robyn.

Robyn decided to address the rumors on her podcast with cast mate Gizelle Bryant and then put the “juicier” details behind a social media pay wall. She confirmed that she knew all about the other woman. Juan shared all the juicy details about who she was, how they met and what they talked about. Including what she would say about Robyn’s podcast. Apparently she was a fan. At one point Juan considered blocking the woman from contacting him because she asked him for money, but Robyn encouraged him to keep the contact going. As for this other woman to be in possession of a hotel receipt with Juan’s name on it, Jaun said she was dating a Baltimore Ravens player and flew to Maryland for him, but while she was visiting the casino, her wallet was stolen and she called for Juan’s help. Juan being a nice guy, drove down the the hotel and plopped his credit card down. Juan told Robyn that nothing else occured and she said she believes him,.

Needless to say, this put Robyn was in the hot seat following the reunion. The host of Watch What Happens Live, Andy Cohen, had a one-on-one with Robyn where he asked why didn’t she bring this story to the show. Robyn said she had dealt with the issue months before and it was no longer a problem in their relationship. She also said she fully prepared to address it if another cast member brought it up, but it they never did.

Filming resumes this month and contracts are still being issued, but in a new report came out today that Robyn and Juan are still not interested in discussing this matter any further on the show. According to insiders, this has resulted in Robyn being demoted for a main cast member to a friend of the show. It’s also being report that Jacqueline Blake has been reported to full-time cast member, but has declined the offer.

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