Did Gizelle Make More of Her Encounter With Chris Bassett for A Storyline?

Chris Bassett got a chance to confront Gizelle Bryant on the finale episode of Real Housewives of Potomac and it brought a little clarity to a lot of accusations that played out against him during season 7. Gizelle said Chris made her feel uncomfortable after a brief meeting in her hotel room to discuss his wife following season 6 reunion.

Robyn Dixon backed Gizelle’s story stating that her good friend told her Chris made her uncomfortable the same night it happened. Robyn also said she advised Gizelle not to tell Chris’ wife, and that she believed Gizelle may have misread the situation. Gizelle kept it to herself for five long months until they started filming Season 7 and Ashley Darby shared a “Chris story” of her own. Ashley found it very suspicious that Chris quickly messaged her under an Instagram picture of her and her girlfriend hanging at the bar. Chris wrote “y’all should have come to the W.” He was managing a club located inside and was looking for local celebrities to promote the space, which Ashley found out about later. Her story added fuel to Gizelle’s and the two of them spent the entire season accusing Chris of being inappropriate with other woman on the cast and Ashley’s friends. Even Mia Thorton shared a story about how Chris stared her down at a cast event but she ended up apologizing on social media after that episode aired. Production showed Chris never looked in Mia’s direction. Production also showed that nothing inappropriate happened with Ashley’s friend, but she maintains her story and blamed it on creative editing.

During the season Gizelle said that she knows when a man wants “something” from her and that Chris definitely wanted to see if she was “with it.” She also referred to him as a sneaky link. On the reunion stage, however, she apologized to Chris and said she regretted saying it after watching the episode because it was a misrepresentation. Gizelle said her discomfort was due to Chris being very drunk. She also accused him of purposely asking for a meeting in her room after learning her “team” had left for the night.

Chris said he respected Gizelle’s right to feel uncomfortable but he took issue with Gizelle implying that he wanted to meet in her room because he knew her team had left. He said he didn’t even know who Gizells’s team was and when he asked for their identities she said it was her hair stylist. Chris said he was also concerned about the optics of being in an hotel room with a single woman so he extended the door guard to keep it ajar. Gizelle denied that occured. The only thing they both agreed on was that when Gizelle asked Chris to leave he left without hesitation.

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    Totally disgusting!! It’s no wonder lots of woman have a night stand full of toys. It amounts to what they’re getting from men….1 minute and no conversation?

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